Oprah Winfrey denounces racist robocalls made in her name after she supported Democratic candidate

Oprah Winfrey has denounced racist robocalls that were placed in her name in Georgia.

The TV star, who went canvassing on behalf of gubernatorial Democratic nominee Stacey Abrams last week, shared her response in an Instagram video on Monday, the day before the midterm elections.

“I heard people were making racist robocalls in my name against Stacey Abrams, who I am 100 per cent for, in Georgia” she said in the clip.

Winfrey urged her followers to head over to the polls on Election Day.

“I just want to say: Jesus don’t like ugly. And we know what to do about that: vote,” she said.

“Tomorrow, show up and show out, and vote.”

The vile robocalls sent out to Georgia voters are filled with racial slurs and insults.

The end of the recording states the message was paid for by The Road to Power, a white supremacist and anti-Semitic organisation based in in Idaho.

The group has been linked to other racist robocalls in the past, including Democratic gubernatorial nominee Andrew Gillum of Florida.

The calls that targeted Gillum used similar language to the one in the recordings made against Winfrey, and also ended with a disclaimer attributing the calls to The Road to Power.

Gillum could become Florida’s first black governor, while Abrams could be the first black female governor in US history.

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