There’s Not A ‘Damn Bit Of Proof’ Of Voter Fraud

CNN’s Chris Cuomo went head-to-head with Brad Todd, the senior adviser to Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R), on Monday night amid unsubstantiated claims that there is “rampant fraud” in the state. 

As the race to recount Florida’s midterm election ballots continues, the CNN anchor blasted Scott for not having “a damn bit of proof” that there had been any fraud in the state’s voting

“He said that there was fraud, that it [the governorship] was trying to be stolen from him, that there was cheating. You can’t prove anything,” he told Todd. “You have to have proof to say that there is fraud.

On Monday, Scott announced that he was filing three lawsuits against county election officials, including Broward County supervisor Brenda Snipes. 

The county’s chief state judge, Jack Tuter, urged lawyers on both sides to “ramp down the rhetoric” about voter fraud. 

Watch the full exchange in the clip above. 

  • This article originally appeared on HuffPost.

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