Trevor Noah Provides ‘Presidential Harassment’ Training For House Democrats

With Democrats taking control of the House of Representatives, Trevor Noah noted on Wednesday’s “Daily Show” that they were ready to investigate President Donald Trump on a slew of matters. And Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell is warning them that “presidential harassment” may not be a good strategy.

“Wow,” Noah said, “Mitch McConnell is brilliant. It’s no longer congressional oversight. Now it’s presidential harassment.”

He added, “We joke around, but presidential harassment is a serious issue in America.”

For that reason, he said, he had a video that Democrats would be required to watch, much like the sexual harassment videos that employers show to their employees.

The video begins: “If you’re watching this, you just won back the House of Representatives. Congrats, socialists. But before you take charge, here’s what you need to know about presidential harassment.”

The video cautions against touching the president’s “intimate areas” ― namely, his tax returns. And it says making the president uncomfortable is inappropriate.

“So there you have it,” the video says. “Creating a comfortable work environment for the president is easy as long as you just do whatever he wants.”

Check out the video above to see what Noah says about the “subpoena cannon.” 

  • This article originally appeared on HuffPost.

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